Winter Foot Care Tips


Although our previous winter was quite mild and this current one has started out warm, there are some guidelines for caring for your feet in the cold and wet weather that frequents the Midwest. Here are my suggested Winter foot care tips:

Warm socks such as wool blend socks help wick moisture away from the skin and keep them dry.  Excess moisture will cause the skin to reach a cooler temperature quickly and may cause frostbite even on a mild day. When coming in from the cold or snow, take the wet shoes and boots off and dry your feet promptly.  Place a new dry pair of socks on to help keep your feet warm once inside. Make sure your feet are completely dry and warm before venturing out into the cold again.

If your plans are to go back outside again, make sure the insides of your shoes or boots are dry.  This will help prevent your feet from getting cold too quickly.  Most fungi, bacteria and viruses enjoy the moisture, so drying the shoes or boots out well will help prevent their accumulation.

Boots should have a good solid base with a supportive heel counter as well as laces or straps.  This combination makes your foot more stable on slippery surfaces.  For runners, many shoe companies make a more durable winter or terrain running shoe for inclement weather.  Other products can be placed on the outer sole of the shoe to provide a non- slip grip to the running shoe.  A wool blend sock will keep your feet warmer and wick moisture away.

Ankle and foot sprains and breaks can happen easily with wet and slippery conditions.  Wearing the correct shoes or boots for the activity is important to prevent these injuries.  If you should sprain your ankle or twist your feet, “RICE THERAPY” rest, ice, elastic bandage for compression and elevate once inside. Snow boots are better than gym shoes to protect from slippery and wet conditions.  When sledding, hiking, snow shoeing, or skiing, remember to protect your feet.