Sports Injuries Elk Grove Village IL – What to do

Deal with Sports Injuries quickly

If you have a family that is active in athletics, sports injuries can happen when least expected.  Sports injuries can take the form of strains, sprains and fractures. Stretching or a tear of the ligaments and/or connective tissues occurs between bones. Often these injuries are painful and swelling and aching can take place.

Types of sports injuries

Acute Foot Injuries –  In these types of injuries the pain is often severe and sudden. Swelling occurs and is usually associated with the inability to place weight on the foot.

Chronic Injuries – These injuries are associated with overusing one area of the body over a longer period of time. Pain occurs when participating in the activity. Often there is swelling and a dull ache when inactive.

What to do if you suffer a sports injury

There is rarely a good reason to try to “push through” the injury.  You should just plain stop a painful activity. Often continuing only causes further harm and increases pain levels. If your injury is minor try the RICE method which you should implement these steps immediately and for a day or two.

Rest – by minimizing regular exercise activities as much as possible. If you’re feet hurt try staying off of them.

Ice – Apply an ice pack to the foot or ankle for approximately 20 minutes at a time several times a day. Make sure the ice doesn’t go directly on the skin. Do not use heat immediately after an injury takes place. If the bottom of your foot is painful try rolling your foot on a frozen water bottle.

Compression – It’s ok to use an elastic wrap or ace bandage around the foot or ankle.

Elevate – the injured foot or ankle to help decrease swelling.


When to seek the help of a Podiatrist 

Any injury that causes a break in the skin, dislocation of a joint, or pain with inability to stand or walk, needs immediate emergency room evaluation.

If the injury continues to cause discomfort or swelling after one to two days of care, please seek the advice of your podiatrist.

If you have an old injury and have re-injured the same area, the healing time will be effected, and evaluation is recommended.

Often injuries don’t get better by waiting so contact a Podiatrist promptly for an appointment. If you experience a sports injury in Elk Grove Village, IL our office offers same day appointments. Please come on it and get direction from us regarding your sports related foot injury.